My ISAF Worlds experience

My season has come to an end finishing 25th overall (out of 120) at the ISAF World Championship in Santander, (Spain) ! And what an experience was that! To start with: 2 Dutchies became World Champion! It was super cool to watch the medalraces and it was the first time I was watching sailing from a tribune! Who said sailing is not exciting for supporters?

When Marit Bouwmeester became World Champion  I got goosebumps all over my body! I felt here happiness and it almost felt like I won too haha!  Watching her taking the victory made me realize I want to work even harder to achieve what she has achieved. Not only the moment she and Nicholas Heiner became worlds best made me realize that, but this whole regatta has been a great inspiration to me. I want to thank the federation again for giving me a place on this event. It felt great to be part of the big Dutch core team for 2 weeks.

This regatta was just SO big. Not only laser Radials, but all the olympic classes together at the same place made it a very big and special event. Loads of security, accreditation needed, a visit of the Spanish King, loads of press and media attention, loads of supporters (30.000 people watching the opening ceremony), first time to qualify the country for the Olympics in Rio 2016.

A result of the last thing I mentioned was that some countries did compete I never heard of before. country code: BRN? Ever heard of?? (It’s Bahrain and I had to google that) 😉 All together it was a whole new experience and it was  overwhelming. But the sailing game is still the same, whatever happens on shore. So in that way it was just like any other race! I needed a good start, so I did focus on my start first. I found out soon that that’s much harder in seniors again, being a bit used to the under 21’s. So my starts at the beginning of the event were not as good as I had hoped for. But every race I was able to catch up and my boat speed was really good in the light winds of the first days. I also really improved on my tactics this year, due to doing so many events this year. I am sailing with much more confidence than I started the season with. That resulted in a Goldfleet to start with.

During the Goldfleet days (best 60) , we only sailed 3 races due to no wind. I was racing well in the light winds, but one race got cancelled while I was in 10th position due to no wind again. That was a pity because a result like that would influence my final ranking definitely.

On the last day of racing we had 25 knts for a change! But again: only 1 race because the comity had problems taking the anker out. My speed was really good in this race and I was feeling strong. But unfortunately I was so busy to go fast I forgot to look around and I sailed to the wrong side of the course. Luckily I was able to catch up again and I finished 24 that race and 25th overall. That’s not bad right?

I am looking back on a very good season and it makes me eager to achieve more.  I would also like to thank my sponsor Heerema Marine Contractors for supporting me!

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